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Loping idle when warm

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Hi all,

So I just recently installed a bostech hpop and a new Motorcraft ipr. Engine overall runs better and im assuming normal (never been in other obs powerstrokes) and smoother than it did before, and havent had any stuttering or cel and loss of power, but sometimes at idle (only when oil temps are above 170) it lopes a little, but mainly after driving it for a while at highway speeds, and above 1500 rpms. If I shut it off when it lopes and restart it, the lopiness is less noticeable and eventually goes away. It doesn't start as long as it did before when its warm, but it still seems to take a bit to start up. And its not a consistent cranking and then fire off immediately, but more like a crank then trying to fire off, then eventually fully fires off (it cranks and fires off when oil temls are below 150). I've driven over 50 miles on the new ipr and hpop, so I think most of all the air should be bled out.
I connected my scanner and started it when warm, and my duty cycle spiked to 38% and icp spiked to 2477, 3.07v icp. Then it settled to around 590icp .9v and 12% dc after about 4 seconds. I've got about 2000 miles on my costco oil 15w40 with hotshots secret stiction eliminator. I also have new injector o rings with with about 2000 miles on them. I'm always disconnected when I get that lope idle, so ill try to stay connected all of tomorrow and see what data I get, as well as when I start it up cold.

I can think of bad oil already, Possibly a wiring/electrical component issue? I only replaced one uvch connector that was semi melted a while back due to crappy gp's, replaced the vc and all four uvch. Or maybe its just the nature of those bostech reman hpops? Or maybe I'm concerned about nothing lol.

Just looking for some thoughts on my situation.
Thanks in advance
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What's your fuel pressure doing? It can also cause a lope.
What's your fuel pressure doing? It can also cause a lope.
Ah crap, ill have to check that. Could low fuel pressure cause a lope?
Just thought I also throw this in. This morning it was 35 out, and it took about 3 seconds to fire off and my duty cycle spiked to 54 and icp spiked to 3000, then took about 10 seconds to stabilize at 900ish icp 18 dc for its high idle.
Well I think overreacted lol. Things got better as I drove. All is good
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