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alright, truck runs perfect starts right up at all times until I install the ts6 chip, it lopes at start, it doesn't lope if the truck is cold though. in the morning the truck will start perfect but once it warms up it will lope, sometimes only a few times or other times endlessly to where I must give it gas to level it out. the truck runs perfect after the lope besides a small other thing, if it give it a little bit of gas like only a few hundered rpm's up, when I let off the rpm's will drop to where the truck almost dies. but even worse, if im going down a hill and put it is say, second (its an auto) if I put it back in drive at high rpm's the truck will die! ive learned to live with this problem but im just about over it. and I don't understand why it only happens with the chip installed. ive taken it out and it runs perfect.
it is not the ICP
it is not the neutral sensor switch thing on the tranny
yes I have the correct chip for the truck I talked to techs because the pcm code doesn't match the chip program code but they said it still should work.
I haven't been able to find anybody else having this problem I would greatly appreciate your help. the truck is completely stock other then an intake, exhaust and the chip. THANKYOU in advance.
(p.s. im starting to think it is a battery or air/fuel mixture problem could either of those be it?)
honestly it may be easier to reply to me by text or Instagram, my Instagram is. @Hayden.wenger you will find my number there or you can dm me, if you do not have Instagram then reply to me here, thx yall.
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