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Can anyone recommend a single source of information that would guide me through converting a 2000 7.3 to run on WVO/WMO/Blends?

I have a 2000 F350 XL CC that I would like to convert to run SVO/blends. It's bone stock with 170K on the clock. No chip, no gauges, zilch. I've been running blends for several years now in a '93 IDI, and I understand the filtration process and the need for a heated 2 tank system in order to run in a power stroke. For the 2000 PS, I would blend only for the purpose of minimizing the need for heat in the tank. Currently I run WMO blends in the winter to avoid the gelling issues, but I'm not sure its a good idea to run WMO blends in a powerstroke even with added heat. I'm a dedicated DIYer. The '93 is still on the road, so I can afford to have the 2000 out of commission while doing the conversion myself. I have a grinder, welder, and some scrap metal and I'm not afraid to use them... :) I've dealt with WVODesigns a little bit in the past, and they have a kit that runs about $1K (no tank). I've also read good things about the V3, but I don't yet know how that system actually works. At first pass it sounds like the WVOdesigns kit replicates the V3, but I really need to know more about it before making that conclusion. I've also heard that the V3 is rather expensive. I'm a tight wad, but I also insist on doing things right. I concur with the majority of the advise around here that recommends KNOWING the system which is one of the reasons I go the DIY route on things. At this point, I'm trying to learn what's needed before I start spending money on anything. It would be great if there was a source of information that go through the details of what's needed and why. Any suggestions/advise?

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