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Hey guys. It's FINALLY tire time. I wish Michelin would make a more aggressive looking tire, because they last forever. While I was waiting, I've installed an Icon leveling kit and 2" hub centric spacers from Fred Goeske(top knotch fella, hell just talking to the guy was a privilege). Not to mention Fred's a Jarhead, too, like me. I'm now running OEM 18's from a King Ranch on my 2003 7.3 Excursion 4x4 but am looking for the OEM 20" 5 star wheels like the 07ish trucks have. Anybody have any, or know of anyone who does? I've seen a few sets on Ebay, but I'm hoping to find a set with a good set of tires for what these guys are asking for just the wheels($1200-$1400 by the time I pay for shipping). I'm replacing front wheel hubs at the same time so that's $700 I don't have to put towards the wheel/tire setup.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... I'm not too interested in the other OEM styles, unless it was a pretty good deal. Semper Fi
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