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Looking at a 2010 PSD, What are the downfalls?

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It is an F-250 CC,lariat shortbox 4x4. Has 41K and is a beautiful pickup. 6" lift,35's on 18's,AMP steps,ect.

They are asking $31.800 for it.

What are the downfalls to the 6.4 and what are some reliability upgrades to do to it that do not involve lifting the cab. lol
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The has the exact same problems all new diesels have... the government choke hold. Get rid of all things EPA related i.e. DPF/DOC and the EGR and you should have a reliable truck. You of course will need a tuner for this and I suggest H&S mini maxx.

Make sure you check the OASIS report and try to find out who previous owner was to get the maintenance schedule. I have a 2010 with 45K now. Bought it about a year ago with 19K miles on it (paid 38K), and i don't know if the fuel filters were ever changed prior to me owning. Scary to think people don't know better owning a diesel...

If your truck has not been properly maintained, there could be LOTS of things wrong with it.

After you buy it, delete it, and enjoy the best and possibly the last truck you will ever buy. Hands down.
there's also alot of threads on this subject, search around and you'll get some good info too
That's a smoking deal on that truck assuming it's in good condition. I looked at trading my truck in this weekend (on a new 6.7 PSD), and they were going to give me $33,500 on trade.
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