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Logo Discussion

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Easier then 50 PM's....

Just playing around with the basic things...

Also Goose, find a font you like:
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Goose and I are re-designing it. Waiting for him to send me some pics...
Austin do you care to help out your hometown chapter with a logo?
Um, No?

The west coast chapter logo looks fine. lol
Same thing....

Josh, you have any ideas about WC Chapter?
Josh and Matt are talking about the brand new Cascade Coal Rollers chapter (oregon/washington).

Not the west coast chapter
I kind of figured that out in his PM. lol
Do you have any files for them besides just pics? Cause I could really only use the pic of the one on your truck, and it doesn't look the best.
Just going to re-build it then.

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1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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