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So I'm purchasing a 2007 F250, and I realized tonight that the instrument cluster lights don't work, the warning lights do, such as glow plugs, CEL, Tow Haul 4X4, etc, but not the tachometer or speedometer. The radio button lights don't illuminate either, but the radio display and AC display both work.

Me and a friend checked all the fuses and replaced one that was burnt out but didn't change anything--all others were fine.

Parking lights don't work, but they run in conjunction with the headlights, and they blink while turning. The cargo lamp doesn't come on when the dimmer switch is locked in at max either.

:dunno: Any advice?
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The fuse we replaced fixed the parking lights issue.
Last night in bed I was thinking maybe it was the light sensing device wasn't functioning properly, checked it out this morning...

I'm assuming that is where it SHOULD go. The headlights on AUTO still come on at night, and not during the day. Are they wired into the clock also as a contingency?

I guess the next test is to see if auto climate works properly.
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