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Don't mean to intrude in anyone's thread but I've got a lift question myself. I've got an 04 F-350 FX4 dbl cab- all stock (leaf spring all around). I want to lift it but not too much. Now I know that can be a matter of opinion but I'm thinking 4 inches or so. Now here's the question. Can I go with just some blocks and longer u bolts and be done with it? Do I go with a bigger block in the front than I do in the back do get the truck to sit level? And from looking around some people say that the trac bar may need to be spaced out or something like that? So what size blocks and where to get it to sit level? And do I realy have to put some sort of spacer on the trac bar? Oh and I don't mean to be dumb but what the hell is the trac bar? I believe it's located on the front end. Thanks for any info...
Best if you start your own thread man:thumb:

And in regards to the OP, like Tank said above, take some bigger/not so close up pictures. its definitely hard to see/tell in those closeup's.
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