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After looking around at alot of lifted superdutys im noticing VERY FEW have traction or ladder bars HOWEVER most have rear lift leafs rather than blocks in the rear.
If I were to ditch the blocks on my 6" kit and buy the softride Superlift leafs would I still need my homemade bars? Im not too happy with these as they are binding in not so crazy off road areas that I was not expecting. Getting ready to pull my 1/4 mile car to the track next month and an getting a bit nervous about loading down the rear with my bars on there. Will I still have the vib from axle wrap with the new leafs and my current 2 piece drive shaft?
I got all the vibes gone right now with the homemade bars and the trial and error shims on the carrier bearing.
Anxious to know if the new leafs in the back will put me where I want to be (being able to run vib free with no bars) or should I just buy some aftermarket bars and take my homemade ones off? Can you load the aftermarket bars down w/o them binding??
How much weight are you guys running the homemade bars able to put down in the back without adjusting or binding your bars?

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