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First thing to figure out where the leak is coming from. There are lots of places to leak:
The pump itself, usually out of the weep hole at the base of the pump (most likely in my mind)
The metal fuel line(s) banjo fitting on the rear of the pump
Any of the hoses to/from pump and bowl
The fuel bowl lid
The fuel bowl drain valve (yellow lever and assembly down the side of the bowl)
The Fuel Pressure Regulator (at the joint where it attaches to the bowl and where the line comes up into the bottom of the FPR
The Fuel Restriction Sensor on the FPR (loves to leak)
The Water In Fuel Sensor on the driver's side of the bowl
The Fuel Heater Feed-though on the driver's side of the bowl
An actual hole/crack in the bottom of the bowl

Since the pump is a two stage mechanical pump (runs off a lobe on the cam), the leak will usually stop if the engine is not running. Best thing to do is to clean things up as good as you can to see where the leak is.

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