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Leaking oil by the turbo

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I am leaking oil around the turbo. I think it is the o-ring I was wondering if anybody knows how much it is to get a 0-ring for it and how hard to install. And is this a common problem with a 99 powerstroke
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Is it leaking at the pedestal? or the turbo itself?
It isn't too hard to do yourself. The orings are pretty cheap and you can get them from most of the sponsers. The hardest part for me was to get the clamps off the downpipe and uppipe... So spray everything down real good with a penetrating oil the night before. Believe me it will help. Then get yourself a nice packing blanket or something to lie on top of the motor...since you will be there for a while. First time doing it would probably take around 4 hours or so...

good luck..
thanks for the info I am planning on doing it tomorrow
If you are planning on doing it tomorrow, make sure you spray it more than once. Do it may times between now and when you start. I helps keep the nasty words to a minimum.
I think it is leaking out of the hpop now took a look and it seems thats where my problem is
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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