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Leak on Brake Pedal Rod

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While putting in my remote start this weekend, I noticed fluid coming out of the black rubber boot that goes over the brake rod on the pedal.

Would it be safe to assume that my hydroboost unit is leaking/failing? If this is the case, is it worth it to rebuild it or just buy a new one?

Hopefully the picture can show what I'm talking about.

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buy a new one... replace the hydroboost, the power steering pump, and steering gear box if it's older, all at the same time, and the hoses too... once you tear into the system, and dislodge built up gunk, from personal experiance, others stuff is gonna need attention soon. I understand if you need to do just one for money reason, but if you can afford it, do the whole system, it's worth it. But deff the new hydroboost, and a new pump is worth it...'

Edit: after reading your sig, and seeing the low miles (105K) it might be less of an issue with your truck, not needing the complete system replaced...
Totally understand your "do it once, do it right" train of thought. That is usually how I go about things on my vehicles and probably will be how I do this.

Is there any type of upgraded or heavy duty steering gear available for our trucks? Overkill isn't really in my vocabulary.

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For the steering gearbox, I just used the off-the-shelf part the local parts store had... Yes, I'm sure there are 'super' boxes out there, but unless you got huge tires, I doubt it's worth it.

I go to Advance Auto Parts, and get lifetime warrentee parts every time they are availble... buddy works there, so I'm always getting good deals, and no issues on "warrenteed" parts exchange. I haven't paid for the last 4 front wheel berrings I've gotten... nevermind I have 3 trucks that take the same berring, but that one just keeps going bad... *grin*
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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