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96 7.3l psd 4x4 recently i fill both fuel tanks and about a day later the truck started to run crappy.. the engine idle fine i think but when i pull out an drive it down the road and shortly afterwards the engine starts to bog down with no power if i step on the pedal i notice that blue smoke comes out of the exhaust. sometimes if the truck bogs down really bad and i pull over to the side of the road the engine stalls out, i sits there and wait for about 1-2 minutes and the engine starts again.

i changed the fuel filter and air filter but no luck still have the problem..please some advise will be helpful
thanks rob
i hope that you solved the problem but this same thing happend to my 97 a couple years ago and it ended up to be the fuel pump!! the old pump just couldn't keep up with the required pressure.
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