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Knowledgable Shop in Canada?

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I'm in the market for a shop in Western Canada to do a laundry list of work on my truck.

I've done the research and came to the conclusion that I just don't have the time/tools/shop space/energy to complete the list myself.

Truck is an 06 F350 with 130,000 kms on thew clock. Zero performance mods up until this point. I do have a 4" TB exhaust system to install as well as a cooler air intake system also uninstalled.

I'm looking for a reputable shop in Western Canada with a lot of experience with these engines. I'll be the first to admit that I may not have all of the answers, so I'd like a shop whose judgement I can trust.

Truck has recently thrown an underboost code. I have cleaned EGR valve with little/no noticeable change.

I'd like the whole bulletproof package:

EGR delete
Oil Cooler
Head Studs
Exhaust Installed
Cold Air Intake installed
Gauge package
Circulating block heater
along with any other preventative work recommended.

Basically I want to take care of all the things at once rather than nickle and diming my way through it.

I'm not at all looking for a HP machine. I'm 100% interested in longevity and mileage, if increased HP is a side effect of this so be it. This is my work truck and it spends 99% of its life on the highway. Once every year or two it might tow my RV, but even that is very rare.

Can somebody please recommend a solid shop in Western Canada with the ability and knowledge to take me through the entire ordeal? Preferably in Edmonton, Saskatoon, or Grande Prairie as these are the cities are travel through regularly.

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