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Sorry guys this one involved me ad antoher F250 PSD, and no it wasnt a race.

So pretty much what happned is that I rear ended an F250 whoc ame to a dead stop because the guy in front doesnt know how to use a turn lane (idiot) and me(idiot, LOL!) was looking for a damn adress which are so frekin tiny numbers on the buildings that by the tie i realized what was going on all i could do was slam the brakes and skid into the guy. So i pretty much jacked up his rear chrome bumber with the massive diambond plate grillguard/bumper of my truck. and disaligned the bed of his too.

So i start her back up and everything seems ok, but as soon as i drive it i notice somethings wrong, it takes for ever to shift the gears especially OD. it shakes kinda crazy too.

So today im supposed to take it in to the insurance service center and as sson as i get on the highway, she craps out on me, couldnet get her past 50 MPH when she starts decelerating as the engine winds up, so i coast over to the shoulder where as i coast she die out.

I have no freakin idea whats wrong. Anyway the insurance is gonna take care of everything, they got me a tow truck and a rental(dodge calibur, ehh:dunno:)

the only brightside is the gas ill be saving.
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