I am selling an unused KC Turbo Stage 2. I bought it with plans to downsize from a Barder 68mm (plan on selling this also), but was able to retune and pull fuel to help with towing. I am going back to stock(ish) and unloading all my parts and extras... I never installed this turbo; here are the specs on the KC Stage2.

64x88mm single plane billet wheel with extended tips, .72ar race compressor cover, 72.5x66 10 blade turbine wheel, new high flowing billet vanes, and upgraded 360 thrust bearing.

Asking $1,400, with free shipping to the 48...still in the packaging I received it in. If needed, I can reach out to KC Turbo and send it to him to verify that it hasn't been run or tampered with (shipping on the buyers dime). I'll post pictures when I get home tonight.