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Evening - just finished installing a new vacuum pump / brake booster with a complete brake fluid change. Was experiencing difficulty braking and decided to replace anything that looked original to the truck as well as worn out vacuum hoses. While wrapping up bleeding the brake I came across the attached picture of the line with the red arrow. The picture shows a new line but the old one , and the new one for that fact is not attached to anything. It is just clipped to the body frame as if it is just for venting. It is however attached to a T in the brake lines on the back axle, that leaves me wondering what is this hose used for and should it be attached to something?

Thank you for your time and knowledge !! You all have been a huge help getting my brake bak up !! Thank you again

1996 F250 7.3L
Manual Transmission
275,000 miles


1 - 2 of 2 Posts