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Just think we need a new Thread....subtitle: we need another G2G

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A working G2G, bring parts, beer, food and a sleeping bag. I'll supply the rest...except for the gals (or guys, this part's for you Liz)....thats up to ya'll. Later Whit PS the one thing I don't have is a lift, but I've got a monorail and have install multiple lifts with it.
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lol thanks whit,
ya'll guys are enough for me, i dont want no dag-on crazies going after me. lol
i want to do somethign drastic to my truck =]
lol i wont put stacks on it.

i guess next is the lift!
just have to find big tires for cheap =]
lol well now im working on straight piping my truck, got 36 inches of 4 inch pipe or 4 1/4 pipe?
i straight piped my truck today, first time iv welding in like2 years, ill take pics!

oh so very rough.

love that turbo. =]

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tomorrow im fixing a small leak in the top, so hard to get to!
im gonna plan to be up there, depends on what i want to do to mine, prolly nothing. but i want to help with yall in the shop, always looking to learn! and heck no im not going shopping, unless its a truck parts store =]
well unlike a naive person.

i know that i dont know everything about our trucks, and there is always somethign to learn
haha i didnt cause the oil leak i promise!
i dont hate the 60hs, i think they are sexy lmao.

and im down for the g2g
lol down.

i guess ill sleep in my truck, its comfortable enough.
I cant find it. Ask Liz, she did it.

did not! :(
iv slept in mine plenty of times, for me its the dirvers seat with a big pillowww.
haha lucky you grayson.
i want a lift....... literally
it isnt big at all jarrod, not yet atleast =]
Hey Jarrod, Friday will be the 21st, I'll be there all week. I think Padres coming Thursday or at least Thursday night, but ya'll come anytime. Later Whit

Take I-20 W/I-59 S toward TUSCALOOSA. 118.6 mi
Take the AL-17 exit, EXIT 8, toward YORK. 0.3 mi
Turn LEFT onto AL-17. This is actually a straight thru the light in York 42.8 mi
Turn RIGHT onto NEEDHAM RD/CR-18. 3.8 mi
Travel on County Road 18 until you reach the stop sign (this is as close to a traffic light as we have in Needham) Turn right at the stop sign
Travel approximatly 100 yards till you see the red and white 8N tractor sitting by a drive, turn up the hill by the tractor
Welcome to Whits Shop home of the Dixie Strokers Spring Work G2G
Ya'll have fun now,ya' hear?

Liz which way are you gonna come? up 43 into Wagerville from Mobile?

idk yet for sure.

which would u suggest?
i did too.
ive got a project for my truck whenever the next one is!
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