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Just think we need a new Thread....subtitle: we need another G2G

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A working G2G, bring parts, beer, food and a sleeping bag. I'll supply the rest...except for the gals (or guys, this part's for you Liz)....thats up to ya'll. Later Whit PS the one thing I don't have is a lift, but I've got a monorail and have install multiple lifts with it.
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lol i wont put stacks on it.

i guess next is the lift!
just have to find big tires for cheap =]
Hey, if we have a work G2G bring the lift we'll put it on. I've never done a NBS 250 lift but have no doubt we can get it done. Later Whit PS I'll help ya put the stacks, take that Grayson!
Bring'em Chris, I've got the Proto torque wrench and will make it a point to have the time. I'm itching to have a work G2G, all my buddies are either into gas burners or working diff shifts but I know if I tell them theres a G2G at the shop they'll work around and show up. Any of them will tell you I love working on other peoples projects.....just can't seem to get into it when I do it for money, mine isn't fun then. We can work on lifts........STACKS, Liz....LOL, belts, whatever. Like I told ya'll bring'ya campers or sleeping bags and parts, I'm game. I've got a small, 110 mig, stick welder thats AC/DC, tig and oxy/acyt so we'll be covered on any of that. Later Whit
Ya think I'm pushing this idea of a G2G? LOL Whit
Sounds good to me. :thumb:
Well ya'll set a time and we'll do it. I've haven't been long gotten from the shop running my cables back to the plug in the bed for the winch on the gooseneck. Pulled the steering stabilizer off cause it was binding, gotta get a new one, and greasing the steering wheel contacts on the column that were squeaking. Just havin' fun!!! Later Whit
Doesn't matter to me. I just want it to be warm and not raining. I found out the hard way that my tent leaks. :lol:
Ahh, won't need a tent (thats why I always try my trucks out first on whether or not they sleep good) but I'm with ya on the warm part. Although I do have a wood heater in the shop and plenty of trees around. Later Whit
:lol: I like my tent?
Yeah, but by your own admission it leaks. LOL Later Whit
i straight piped my truck today, first time iv welding in like2 years, ill take pics!
Stick or mig, Liz? Great thing about mig is you never forget.....stick, especially on thin stuff you will forget or at least I do, maybe its my age? I'll burn a couple of holes before I get the hang of it again. Later Whit
Doesn't matter to me. I just want it to be warm and not raining. I found out the hard way that my tent leaks. :lol:
Yeah but any leak in a tent is like, no matter where it is it's gonna get ya wet. LOL :dunno::dunno::dunno::lol2:
i straight piped my truck today, first time iv welding in like2 years, ill take pics!
Need an audio clip, let us hear how it sounds!!! Later Whit
This all sounds good to me. No work to be done on mine but I'll lend a hand
Ahhh....we'll find something to do to it, theres always something, if not we'll make it up. LOL Whit
Yep, might need to get a mirror or unbolt the hangers so it'll hang down far enough to get to. Later Whit
Heck Padre, that shouldn't take long. Make sure its a full weekend when you come down and we'll get it then. Later Whit
Me and Chris (Padre) have decided theres gonna be a G2G at the shop, whether its just me and him or everyone. All ya'll gotta do is bring the parts and a plan and I'll take off the days we need. I'm working 12 hour days 6-6 and am not getting to get online to talk but want to see all of you at the shop to work on trucks. Get a day planned and we'll do this. Sorry to be so short but this shutdown is a cluster****. You know how it is when theres too many chiefs and not enough indians. Later Whit
i need to think of a mod to do at a gtg.
Heck, just pick anything we'll do it bud. Later Whit
I checked my schedule and that'll work for me. I'm gonna take a weeks vacation if everyone else can do that week and get some of the projects move around to get plenty of room. My wife will be off that weekend so the ladies can shop or whatever. Ya'll just let me know so I can make arrangements and get room at the shop. Also let me know if anyone is bringing traivel trailers so I can make sure we've got hookups and flatbeds moved for room to park them. Anybody that wants to come earlier than the 20th just let me know so we can make reservations or sleeping arrangements. I'm game for this folks and am looking forward to a serious work g2g. Later Whit
I don't know what to do to my truck
Heck, easy one, if nothing else we'll harpoon it. lol Later Whit
i would love to do the harpoon mod. i HATE foam ups. fuel bowl delete is one of em also

Bring the parts brother and we'll have at it. Later Whit
How does May 21 - 23 sound to everyone? I will be doing aq shift swap but that ain't narry a problem. I will most likely drive down the 20th and head back the 24th. I have several mods to work on so we won't have a shortage of things to do, if y'all don't have any mods planned.:thumb::thumb:

1. AirDog 2
2. Harpoon Mod
3. Zoodad Mod
4. Maybe Head Studs and EGR Delete.
5. Fuel Bowl Delete, if I can find out how to do one on a 6.0
Those will take about 3 1/2 hours so ....................... :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:
(if I can find out how to do one on a 6.0) research, brother, research, if not we'll figure it out on our own. (I got a welder and cutting torch, ain't nothing I can't build) (Maybe Head Studs and EGR Delete.) MAYBE??? Bring the parts, we'll walk that mile. Later Whit
Well ya'll decide for sure. I'm gonna plan it like it's for sure. If ya ain't got no parts come anyway and we'll put you to wrenchin'. Later Whit
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