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Just think we need a new Thread....subtitle: we need another G2G

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A working G2G, bring parts, beer, food and a sleeping bag. I'll supply the rest...except for the gals (or guys, this part's for you Liz)....thats up to ya'll. Later Whit PS the one thing I don't have is a lift, but I've got a monorail and have install multiple lifts with it.
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I just got my new AirDog II this morning and I am sure I can find some more goodies before we set a concrete date for the Meet!! :woot::woot::woot: Johnathan at Beans is gonna Dyno Tune the Beast for me in about a month, so I may need ARP's and Black Onyx gaskets installed along with the Sinister Diesel EGR Delete. :woot::woot::woot:
Well the list is growing for things to do to the Beast. I now want the harpoon mod cause I hate spending an extra10 minutes getting a FULL tank of diesel!
I have read it is easier to lift the bed than to drop the tank.

I agree with you Goose and in my case it would make it WAY easier to install the Air Dig too!
How does May 21 - 23 sound to everyone? I will be doing aq shift swap but that ain't narry a problem. I will most likely drive down the 20th and head back the 24th. I have several mods to work on so we won't have a shortage of things to do, if y'all don't have any mods planned.:thumb::thumb:

1. AirDog 2
2. Harpoon Mod
3. Zoodad Mod
4. Maybe Head Studs and EGR Delete.
5. Fuel Bowl Delete, if I can find out how to do one on a 6.0
Those will take about 3 1/2 hours so ....................... :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:
I am all in and barring a death in the family I will be at this one! I just need to get the tax refund or a 401K load to buy all the parts LOL

Arp's $335 Sinister Diesel EGR Delete $300 Black Onyx Head Gaskets $217 Got the AirDog and the fuel bowl delete will consist of figuring out how to keep the stand pipe open without the filter. Harpoon and Zoodad no parts requiered.
Barring a death in the family or something less catostophic Me and the better half will be there. I may not get t do as much to mine as I wanted though. Tax refund was a might short. :hehe::hehe:
All easy fixes Goose
Bet the leak is under the turbo though Oh well mine is coming off yours might as well too LOL
No Parts needed to Harpoon, just a saw. He has a HUGE shop judging by everything he told me he has moved out for us to have our fun!
Not sure, but I bet he does knowing him. He is the wrenchinest guy I have ever talked to. :hehe: What ya need a lift for? Just curious, he will be by soon i am sure.
Well I know I paid GOOD money for my AirDog 2, but I had the same scare as Frog had damage. When the frame mounted filer came off it had stuff that looked like sand in it and I know the 6.0 injectors would just LOVE to have that run through um. The filters are 2 micron for both water separation and fuel. The a Air Dog one is more than a "filter" too it removes the entrained air from the fuel and sends it back to the tank. The AirDog 2 is a stand alone pump and the one I have has adjustable fuel pressure as well.

I have the air dog, zoodad and harpoon to do. I need a Trans, Coolant, Power Steering and Brake Fluid flush, but that will have to wait.
Just rolled in to Cainsville! I had a blast! I can't wait to save some more funds and buy more parts! I also put 30 Gallons in the Beast and she can wear that name proudly now! ZooDad, AirDog 2, Harpoon and unplugging the egr got me the same fuel mileage @ 95 mph for well over 150 miles and 85 mph for the remainder of the trip as between 70 and 78 mph did. I am very happy with that! It was good to see Goose and Tracy again and meet Mike and his family!

Total list of work done

AirDog - Installed by Goose and Mike

ZooDad with CUSTOM screen - Done by Goose and Mike

Harpoon Mod - I think everyone had their hands into this one, putting the ring back on the tank is a BIATCH!

Tire Rotation - Again everyone pitched in here

EGR Valve unplugged by Goose cause I am an idiot!

New issues to contend with -

The BEST responce I could have imagined from the mods, The THRILL of putting the skinny pedal to the floor and admitting I actually know Mike Whit....................... LMAOROF!!!!

Oh and my ABS light comes on periodically now after the getiing the crap scared out of me and having to go from about 85 mph to ZERO in a new york minute on the trip down. I guess I will go to Autozone and have them pull the codes and see what's up with that.
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Man I just gotta say that if I could get the fuel mileage gains I have enjoyed since the GTG I would drive to Needham Alabama every week! I can't wait to get the next round of parts together and head on down!! Wait we had an offer to have a GTG there in B - ham didn't we? I am up for the next one no matter where it is though!
Great to hear Liz! I have a list so freakin long it is not funny! The only hindrance I have is CASH FLOW! :hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe: I am up for a GTG anytime though :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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