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Just think we need a new Thread....subtitle: we need another G2G

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A working G2G, bring parts, beer, food and a sleeping bag. I'll supply the rest...except for the gals (or guys, this part's for you Liz)....thats up to ya'll. Later Whit PS the one thing I don't have is a lift, but I've got a monorail and have install multiple lifts with it.
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i need to think of a mod to do at a gtg.
i would love to do the harpoon mod. i HATE foam ups. fuel bowl delete is one of em also
im gonna plan to be up there, depends on what i want to do to mine, prolly nothing. but i want to help with yall in the shop, always looking to learn! and heck no im not going shopping, unless its a truck parts store =]
learn? i thought you already know most of the stuff. :rofl:

she aparently hates the 6ohs. i should blame grayson for my fuel leak
lol down.

i guess ill sleep in my truck, its comfortable enough.
i sleep in mine a lot. it gets uncomfortable after awhile. but i did find the best spot tho.
i did start with the driver seat. overall its fine and dont have an issue with it besides the seat not going down all the way. but i sleep on the back bench now :crazy:
i might be able to make this trip. :woot:
i did get sun off. tryin to get sat off.

will be doing the ujoints and harpoon mod

then today thought about doing the cab lights.....dunno if yall want to talkle that.
i think that valve would be a good addition to mine.

you will need to pull the engine or raise the cab for that awl leak

rotate tires.....check


belt replacement....wuss, get that done now!

so what parts are needed for the harpoon?

and what kind of shop do you have mike?
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i dont need one. i should be good.

grayson might need one :poke
yours is high enough liz..........
Not sure it would be considered huge, just 40x100 with the main area being 40x70 but there will be room to put about 7 trucks in with working room. We will just have to switch out the ones with the harpoon mod to get them under the monorail. Later Whit
grayson, that didnt come from ford.


that yeller tube gets cut off?

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i like this idea. the cheap air dog system. lol


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let me think about it and ill get back to ya. i just gotta make sure the filter can be found to replace.
so thats the cheap mans air dog? thats not a bad idea.
ya that :hehe:

but if it works, :thumb:

so if we make it like a air dog, water separater and a fuel filter, can the fuel bowl be deleted?

so its this trip or camping here with some friends.....hmmmm
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