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Just think we need a new Thread....subtitle: we need another G2G

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A working G2G, bring parts, beer, food and a sleeping bag. I'll supply the rest...except for the gals (or guys, this part's for you Liz)....thats up to ya'll. Later Whit PS the one thing I don't have is a lift, but I've got a monorail and have install multiple lifts with it.
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+1 on the harpoon mod. I can get the fuel out easily enough, the tank will be another question.
Still on the fence, I need to do the harpoon mod, but really don't want to mess with it right now. I might just show up to help and BS. I'm good at the BS part. If I do it would be Sat. anyway.
As much as I want to bs, I need to get some work done around here. You all have fun. I expect some pics of the handy work and good times.
My bad, I lied. I was thinking it was this weekend, not next. I might still be able to make that. It will be my last week of dayshift swapping to nights that Monday evening. I'll plan for it anyway. I just need to fix the freaking shed roof and it actually be fixed. I also need to wash every vehicle we have and finish up graveling the parking area.
If I make it, I'll probably just show up Sat. in the Tacoma and help/bs. I noticed my truck has the Line X sprayed over the bolts in the bed. I pretty sure that means I'd have to drop the tank since I'm not wanting to mess up the bed liner. I've got a 2 week shutdown coming up in a week, may do it then.
What do I need to bring tomorrow? I have a tubing cutter for the harpoon mod, and an Actron scan tool besides my programmers. I would bring the grill and some food, but I'm just going for a drive thru or something quick. I may drive the diesel, just not sure.
Whit, you had a nice shop and plenty of room. Made me want to push down some trees as I got home. Glad you had the week/weekend to work on our trucks, and thanks. I'm glad Goose got his stuff fixed and in order. It was a good day all in all on the work side and plenty of fun and Bs ing. I've never pulled a bed til today but it looked pretty easy at least in your shop. Again thanks for letting us come and play in your sand box, nice sand and no cat poo.
I just want to fix the leaking fuel tank from the harpoon mod. I have no ambition to tackle any more. I need a front end alignment on the corolla, and to put the new tires on the camry and out of the trunk of it. I'm getting to the point of selling something just to cut down on maintenance. I don't know how I kept 7 in the road before.
1 - 8 of 239 Posts
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