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Just think we need a new Thread....subtitle: we need another G2G

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A working G2G, bring parts, beer, food and a sleeping bag. I'll supply the rest...except for the gals (or guys, this part's for you Liz)....thats up to ya'll. Later Whit PS the one thing I don't have is a lift, but I've got a monorail and have install multiple lifts with it.
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For some reason I’m just now finding this post, it took forever to read it all and get caught up. My schedule is open that weekend and I will plan to be there unless the master of my destiny aka my wife changes my mind.
I have done the Harpoon and I did it by dropping the tank because I have GN and 5th wheel hitches in the bed of my truck. It was relatively easy to do and should take less than an hour. I also highly recommend spending about $40 and doing the rest of the intank and prepump filter mods while yall are at it.
Here are the pics I took when I did mine; Fuel system/

The only thing I need to do is fix my oil leak and my exhaust leak, both of which will require dropping the tranny. I have dropped that heavy a** thing too many times and I hate to think about doing it again.
Yeller and white both cut off;

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FYI, before my fillups were around 18-20 gallons and it would spit back all over the truck and the handle before it would turn off the pump. Now it holds 24-26 and clicks the pump off without spilling a drop and no foam. Added 100 miles between fillups.
Yep, that fuel filter had about 6,000 miles on it. Best I can figure I got a bad load of fuel at the local Pilot truck stop and it ruined my whole system including injectors. Before this my filter always looked extremely clean after 8-10K when I would change it. Also it messed up the inside of my fuel bowl almost like it was some sort of aluminum rusting acid or something. I cleaned it all out as best I could but the inside of my fuel bowl now looks like its 100 years old. Just goes to show no matter how hard you try to take care of stuff someone else can screw it all up for you. Darn Pilot station.
Anyways, my main reason for adding the big filter on the frame was to help protect against another bad load of fuel.
Also I deleted the factory fuel line quick connects between the pump and tank. They work great under pressure but can leak air in when under vacuum.
If yall are interested I could put together a parts list for everything necessary to do the entire mod.
The complete unit is sold at TSC for like $30 and the replacement filters are like $6. It is a common unit used on farm and construction diesel tanks and truck bed tanks. You may could find the filters cheaper somewhere else, TSC can be high on stuff.
Fuel Filter, 1 in NPT Female - 3958244 | Tractor Supply Company

cheap filter;
Fuel Filter Element - 3958252 | Tractor Supply Company

Water filter;
Goldenrod, Water-Block Filter 496 Water Absorbing - 3958309 | Tractor Supply Company
Cheap has such a negative connotation, how about economical, thrifty, or frugal or just smart.
I’d say no, the more filter the better I always say, plus I doubt the TSC filter is as small a micron as the factory filter. I do however extend the factory filter service interval from 10K to over 20K so it does pay for itself rather quickly in the cost of factory style filters. I like the clear bowl because I can see how dirty or clean my fuel and filter is simply by looking at it. Ever since the initial bad load of fuel and my consequent termination of getting fuel at Pilot, I have had no trouble and the bowl has remained clean and clear and the filters have stayed clean.

To me the main reason to do this is to protect the fuel system and the injectors from bad fuel and air, a side benefit is the ease in refueling and the peace of mind when refueling. Kinda like the DIY air filter, I did it to protect the truck and my wallet, any possible power gains are just side benefits.
Remind me again of the planned date?
I am still hoping to be able to come, got to be more fun than being here, hopefully all of the business will be done by then and I can start going on with life. I aint touching my truck though, with my luck lately.
Yea, I should be able/ready to get away by then, I'll be there!
theres nothing wrong being proud of what you have. :thumb:
Yea, you could be like me and living alone in a camper!
:hehe: I dont think he would taste that well.
All of Gods creatures taste great with enough A1 on them!
Yep, that $30G check I just wrote the soon to be x wife is putting the hurt on me too. Not to mention my income just went in half and the bills just doubled!
All I got is a Diablo Sport Predator, it works pretty good as a scanner
The predator can read and save sensor data and display it live on its own screen or you can hook it to a laptop and display it live or save it and later download to a computer and display it. There are free display software downloads from their website, it displays in a trend recorder format. It cannot do buzz or contribution tests, only read sensor data and codes. It also has the strongest tuner tunes I have seen yet, comparable to a 100-120 hp flip chip on max and it has a great towing tune plus you can pay for and download custom tunes if you wanted.

I would assume 4x4 would not matter since the GEM controls that stuff but I’m not positive. The only thing I really know that matters is if it is auto or manual which PMT2 would definitely be auto.
I got mine for $75 delivered from
I’m probably not going to make it, my life is a little too upside down right now to be leaving for a weekend and spending unnecessary funds.
At what point do your possessions start possessing you?
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