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Back from the dead....

This thread is what, 2 yrs old almost?

So I've owned my fuge for quite some time now and it has finally become necessary to remove the bowl.

?But it won't budge :dunno:

I removed the cone nut, and the garlock nut, then used 2 clamps like a bearing puller.

Am I missing something here? It shouldn't be rocket science right?

The bowl comes straight up once the garlock is removed right? I put two 2x4's across the top housing of my CF, then put the bar clamps down into the bowl and proceeded to tighten them. No go, so I spray it down with penetrating oil and give it a few taps for vibration. I do this several times, and release the clamps and rotate their position. Still nothing.:(

I need to get this bowl off asap, what the hey am I doing wrong?

I torqued my clamps till I thought I would break a chunk out of the lip of the bowl.

Anybody got a secret I don't know about?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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