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Is ranch hand the best bumper replacement brand?

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is ranch hand really the best?
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Just asking does anyone know of different plans that one could buy & cut out your own steel to make a bumper of different designs. Have all the tools, welder, plasma cutter, etc. Just don't have the time to design & peice together. Cut & weld designs.
Something like ranch hand models, I'd have to look at their models.
When I get a min. I will look, owner operater of a HVACR biz and it's 90 degrees here. (WI) Just catching my breath, then back out. Hate hot like this, winter person I am.
to be honest ive always liked off road high clearance style bumpers on trucks, but thats just me. as a professional fabricator i will always prefer building my own instead of buying a bolt on. but again, its my profession of course i would. if i had money i would have built my own already, but i just spent all of it on my truck. so ill just wait. and letitsno, i couldnt agree more. this hot midwest weather sucks.
I am a fan of T3 Truck Bumpers...and they are built in Uvalde,TX (I would rather support a tx company over another)

I also liked the fact that they (I bought a front replacement w/winch mount) dont hang down way way low and kill my approach angle like the ranch hand models.
the T3 bumpers are nice. Pretty much all the major brands of front replacements are made in texas somewhere lol.
ive got a tough country deluxe front and rear on mine and they have treated me well.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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