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Is ranch hand the best bumper replacement brand?

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is ranch hand really the best?
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Put an Ali Arc bumper/grill guard on my 450. 80# total weight built out of hi strength Aluminum. It is polished and look great. Might not stop a Mack Truck but then if it did you would be a hurting unit too.

Looked at RH Buckstop, and a few others, just wanted something that "looked good" and was effective is deflecting deer, not something that was built to plow thru buildings.

Guy here ate a deer one moring on the way to work with his 10 450, $8k later he got it back. Most of the expense was the coolers up front, bumper (POS) and hood.

I would rather replace a $1500.00 bumper than be left on a tow hook and have to shell out that kind of money to fix.

Something else to take into consideration the 250/350 frames are designed to absorbe the impact (IE they bend/compress) the 450/550 frames are designed to be replced a head of the Front Axle. Either way it will be expensive. If the bumper /grill guard absorbes some of the impact the frame will fare much better and the repair cost will be cheaper or might just keep the insurance guys from totaling the truck.

2 cents from the cheap seats
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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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