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Is ranch hand the best bumper replacement brand?

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is ranch hand really the best?
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Ranch hand has been around the longest, all the others are copys. They are great bumpers, I have put them on all my trucks. Frontier gear look good, but lack the 4" pipe in them which is what makes a ranch hand so strong. The absolute best is south texas outfitters when it comes to ranch hand style bumpers, but those bumpers are PRICEY!
For a bumper like a ledgend series from STO, with out a winch plate it will be in the $1600+ range.
Those look good, and have a nice price tag on them. Congrats on the purchase. Now avoiding deer isnt as big of a deal.
Try and find a ranchhand outlet, they will have some special pricing. I got my front bumper installed and color matched for $1200, and the rear installed and color matched for $650. That was in 08 and I know steel is a little higher now but the deals are out there.
the T3 bumpers are nice. Pretty much all the major brands of front replacements are made in texas somewhere lol.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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