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Is ranch hand the best bumper replacement brand?

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is ranch hand really the best?
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RH is the chit. but i have a frontier tho.
I found my RH front and rear replacement on Craigslist for $650 total, HECK of a deal. Ranch Hand is a dang good product, Frontier looks good just not as strong. I would say check craigslist, I have seen numerous good deals on ranch hand products.

Ranch Hand is heavy duty, 289 pounds of heavy duty. The stock bumper is a measly 62 pounds. Not sure about the frontier replacement.
theres no pipe on mine. idk what brand my rear one is since it does have a pipe. but again, it all depends on what your front frame mounts can take. the rh will not bend as much as your frame does :hehe:
Yep that does make sense. Thats a good design then.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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