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Is my truck running rich?

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When I'm idling the exhaust smell is very strong. Tonight I had the windows down and at every stoplight the truck would fill up with that strong exhaust smell. Also at wot when the turbo is at full boost it blows faint black smoke out the exhaust. It's not much but I adjusted my mirror to watch the tail pipe and I can see it blast out at full spool.

I checked my egr valve and it's good and clean no coolant in the manifold, the truck runs great and pulls like a freight train with no misses or hiccups. I'm also not throwing any codes. Fmic voltage is good as well. Truck has 50k miles and is completely stock (to my knowledge)

What's going on? Is this ok or normal?
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Diesels don't "run rich" most likely everything is normal. Make sure your air filter is clean though
i think the problem is that its a "diesel" truck. the only way to fix this is to trade it in for a "gasoline" truck. :)
If the cab is filling with exhaust fumes, then that is not normal. Check for exhaust leaks like stated above. I never smell exhaust in my truck.

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also just because the egr vlave is clean it can be sticking or slow to respond. you have to use something like auto enginuity or ford IDS to see this though. Another thing would be to clean or replace the IAT2 sensor in the manifold if it's clogged up. $20 sensor if you decide it needs replaced.
Idk guys. I've been looking for leaks the past 2 weeks. No evidence of anything leaking. No soot or anything. I give up. I'm just going to take it in and see if a diesel tech can find anything.
Does it start good and run smooth when cold?
Have you checked to see what the FICM voltage is?
Yes it starts easy and runs good when cold. It's a little sluggish and shifts slower when cold for the first min or two and my fmic voltages is around 48.5
sounds like everything is normal with your truck except the black smoke unless you're tuned in any way. A stock 6.o should not throw a lick of black smoke.
sounds like everything is normal with your truck except the black smoke unless you're tuned in any way. A stock 6.o should not throw a lick of black smoke.
Don't get me wrong. It's not bad. You wouldn't even notice it if you weren't looking for it. I'm going to start trouble shooting Thursday. I'm going to start by switching to rotella with all fresh filters so the injectors get good oil to them. I see there is a good bit of soot in the intake manifold so I may try cleaning that out as well. Any tips in getting it clean?
Sounds fine to me. When you were smelling the fumes were your windows down? The direction of the wind may have been blowing the exhaust up into the truck. At WOT throttle you'll have a bit of black smoke, sounds normal.
With the smell inside the cab, I'd guess exhaust leak. They can be a mofo to track down. You have to look really closely at the y pipe behind the engine and the exhaust manifolds.
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