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Guy's After my over flow bottle started puking some coolant every once and a while i posted on here. some people told me to take the EGR valve out and see what it looks like inside there. I'm attaching a picture i took ( or tried to take) I noticed inside was damp and the soot was somewhat sticky not dry at all. Please let me know what you think. And since i'm a construction salesman i really can't afford to tear my truck down right now. Do you think it can wait till say mid october? I'm not loosing any more coolant? but i do notice when i drive and i pull a hill my programmer shows the temp rising from 190 up to 196 only when i hit about 10-14 psi or more, and my EGT's go up around 850-1,000. I'm wondering if this is cause the oil cooler is plugged up and it's building pressure from the load of the motor?? any info will be great. PLEASE TELL ME IT"S NOT MY HEADS!!! ( unless you think it really it :doh: )

Also My plans for upgrades include Bullet Proof Oil cooler - EGR DELETE ( any brands you recommend) while it's apart i'll probably do the blue spring upgrade. If there is anything else you guys think of let me know. And if anyone lives near Jefferson County Ohio let me know maybe you can give me a personal take on what is going on.

05 Superduty
6 speed
SCT custom tunes Innovative Diesel


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