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I have a 91 F350 regular cab. Dump body and V plow. 56,xxx original miles. I maybe drive 400 miles a year in it. I am the second owner and the first owner used it to plow his logging roads, haul firewood, etc etc etc. He installed a shift kit in the transmission. It is a Maine native, so it has rust issues just as any truck here.

I want to do a frame swap and there is one at a local junk yard. There was an engine fire so the frame, axels, etc look good and it comes as a package deal. The down side is that the donor frame is a 2004 F550 supercap. Not sure the exact difference in length but I would guess that it is around 15-18 inches longer.

The swap would involve swapping the dump body and plow hitch assembly which would be fairly easy, just a bit of welding and a few beers. Other not so easy things would be installing and running the fuel tanks and lines, brake system entirely, trying to make the electrical system work (i'm an electronics engineer by trade so it would just be more of a pain than anything).

The part that I am unsure about is mounting the front half of the truck: cab mounts, engine mounts, radiator mounting, etc. I have already done a bunch of interneting but I have not found out what the frame width is on the 2004 F550 frame. My F350 frame is just a tick over 34 inch overall width.

If the F550 frame is a 38 inch overall width what issues will I run into? I would have to fabricate something to for the mounts which would be difficult.
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