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I know its kind of common for 6.0's to take a little time to crank over but im really curious about what my truck is doing.

What i want to know is why does my truck some times take 3-4 sec to turn over or some times take 6-7 sec to turn over. For example two days ago, in the morning it started up right away, took about 2 sec. Later that day at times after running and being shut off for 10 min it might take 5-6 sec to start?

I know people say if it does this its the high pressure oil pump because hot oil is thinner and harder to pump, but the only thing is some times when its cold it take a longer, 6-7 sec to start and warm it might take 2-3 to start.

Anyone have any ideas? Im about to go crazy and would like to have some kind of direction to go before it rip this motor apart.
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