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Have seen a lot of comparisons of the 6.0 version but not much for 6.4s. could use some advice.

2009 F250SD with 151k. Flushed and changed to ELC Red at 100k. Factory oil cooler is starting to degrade - temps fine in normal driving but getting too high towing. So it still works...which is playing into my dilema.

I work on my own vehicles so ability to DIY is a factor.

Local shop with Ford experience and good rep quoted me over $4k to do the full BPD relocate kit. Since this requires cab off I don't see it as a DIY.

BPD half kit is quality and around $1500, but the install seems much more involved than the IPR, plus air/oil is less efficient. Also, no coolant filter like the IPR.

IPR fully kitted is around $2K but install looks much easier, it is coolant/oil, and has a coolant filter. It can also live happily in parallel with my degraded(but not dead) factory cooler.

What else should I consider? TIA.
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