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Today my 2004 began having intermittent loss of power after towing 7k lb. camper for 2 hours. Turned around went back home. Closer to home was happening more and had trouble going up overpasses(biggest hills in Fl) also running extremely rough shook the truck at times.
Let cool 2 hours no issues runs great.
Before problem started boost was 10 at 65mph. Then boost dropped to 4.7,vgt 52%, ficm 47v, battery 13v, icp 2.3, ipr 50.3%, hpop 2041.
08/2020 new ficm
02?/2021 new fuel pump and filters.
145,000 miles
Bone stock except for blue spring, egr delete
Recent oil change
Fault codes
P0269 #3 Contribution before I turned for home
P0284 #8 Contribution after I turned for home
P0401 egr delete
Thanks for your help

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Fuel pressure is a big deal, verify that it's above 45 psi at all times, should idle at 60 psi. And make sure there are no leaks.
I also recommend making sure the tank does not have something in it that partially blocks the pickup tube.
If both those check out, I'd guess you've lost an injector or 2 (or more). You'll need forscan to pull injector codes and it will tell you what injector is acting up.

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