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Okay, I need the power diagnostic team. It all started about five months ago, just about the time when all the snow started to melt. At first I thought that it had to do with the cold temps, problem started when I just began to leave the truck unplugged overnight. Anyway, for some reason it does not like to start early in the morning. It's been kind of strange, I had a problem for about three weeks back in the spring and hasn't given me any hiccups until now. All summer it has ran fine. I just went out and started it and paid attention to the oil pre assure gauge(I've read somewhere on here that should be something you look at it when having problems :dunno: ) it took about three seconds to do anything and is in the normal operating position. I am stumped. Sometimes I can return it to the factory setting and it will start right up.

Mods are

Edge evolution
S&b intake
Turbo back exhaust

Any help would be appreciated
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