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Okay, I'll let you guys take a shot at this one:

Installed a new stereo and Viper alarm. Everything worked perfectly for about a month. Now, something is wrong. Here are the problems:
- When key is in ACC, wipers and radio work fine.
- When key is in IGN, no wipers, no radio.
- Viper alarm/keyless entry does not work at all.

Last night I replaced the ignition switch (light tan-colored slider switch mounted underneath the steering column), with no change in symptoms.

I hooked up my OBD-II reader and got this: P0603 PCM Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Error. WTF, over? Everything else was clear, no codes.

I'm starting to suspect it is the GEM unit, which is really gonna pi$$ me off: that's a high-dollar part. I've gotten conflicting information as to whether the GEM has to be programmed or not: some folks say yes, others no.

Any helpful suggestions?


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