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So I can hear the leak while driving. I know it's there, just not sure where.

I've got new y collector boots from the dot com site every one buys from, so I know my boots are Skippy.

My clamps on the boots are reused, so maybe they aren't torquing enough. :thumb: nope they are good.

So I check the y collector Vband clamp, yep sure enough it's the culprit. I try to tighten it.....:doh: the worm thing skips a tooth. The clamp is toast, my bad. I shouldn't have reused it when I had the turbo off awhile back. I knew better:nod: considering the condition of the oem clamp.

And now I'm up a creak cause I was supposed to leave for NC in the morning.

Here is my gripe :ranton:
Why don't any of the local parts stores carry a stinking 3" v band clamp!!!!! It's not like it is an odd thing. I mean come on, how many cars and trucks run turbos these days and out of that many, how many drivers like to do mods to these vehicles?

I called, Advanced, AutoZone, Orielly, & PepBoys. In the morning I'll be calling the local International rag, and the Stealership as well as Napa.

I can buy 3" vband clamps a dime a dozen on Febay all day long:bdh: but I need one NOW whats the deal why aren't these clamps available localy!

I sure hope I can find one in the morning :please:
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