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Well I went out & bought a new Cobra CB Radio & two 6' Whips this weekend, I started installing today (Sunday). I have decided to install it in the over head consol I originaly bought a cheap small unit all black, stopped at the Fith Wheel truck stop to pick up the whip antennas & mounting lugs and they had a sweet black chrome full size unit I just had to have. It will look a lot better than that cheap unit I originaly bought. Only problem is it will take some heavy modification, Chop Cut & Rebuilding (fiberglass & bondo & paint) to accomodate the larger unit in the over head consol.

I removed the head liner & a bunch of interior trim today, I am also going to fab a mounting bracket beside the over head consol to mount the chain pull Lanyard valve for my Siege Engineering quad air hone system with twin 5 gal tanks & twin 380 commpressor 200 PSI air systen, I will also run a 1/2" air line on a wind up spool I will mount in the bed box for air tools or an air chuck!

I went to the local chassis fab shop (Bicknel Racing) here in St Catharines Ontario & I worked with Chris to fab up a mounting system behined the cab of the truck mounting to the bed rails, we bent it up out of 1 1/2" / 1" & 3/4"roll bar tubing & some 3/4" x 1 1/2" bar stock. I had Chris well some tabs for flood lamps, Tabs for the CB whip antennas & four strut rods for the stainless steel wing (wind deflector) I tell you the truck look sweeeeeeeet, no Awsome. I had to take it all apart to get the mounting system powder coated on Monday.

You can see the wing I'm talking about on some of my pick's, I hade it mounted on my Astro van.

I will post some pick's on my web album below as soon as I'm done.:woot:

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