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How hard is to install these parts. Look this diagram and see the parts numbers to be installed. My skills as mechanic is about 5/10 :dunno: and I'm planing using regular tools nothing fancy. My fear is I will need to raise the cab a little to make room for installation.

The parts to be installed are: 00155a (x2), 00155b (x2), 00155c (x4), 00155d (x2), 00155e (x1) and 00155f (x1)

Those frame insulators are destroyed / corroded (I don't know why) and needs to be replaced. I want to save a few bucks to do it myself but I'll not risk my safety (A cab falling into my head will hurt :wink[3]:) if these are too difficult to install then I'll take it to the dealer. Any help on this matter will be appreciated.

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