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I've had a few bugs to work out, and they are still hear! The engine has a bad noise at a certain rpm only when you jab the gas pedal. I was told it was from the o-rings leaking and sucking air. I replaced the o-rings and return lines on my truck. They where dried and leaking. fixed the leaks, let it run for 30 mins. Noise still there. Truck smokes like hell now!
The # 4 injector had smoke blowing up past it, so I remove the injector. I tried to remove the copper washer and couldn't. So I get out the lighted scope and look in the hole. No washer! I put one on it and put it back in the hole. Now its making the same noise at idle.
Do the IDI turbos need that copper washer?
Any Ideas what is causing my noise / smoke?
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