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Bill, nice box
Thanks man! Wana buy it? Its full allready, i need a bigger one. Thinking about either the larger macsimizer or the new one with power the MB 7432. Has bigger drawers and you can put an IDS in a drawer thats for the laptop. Its perfect. Or i could just stitch a couple side cabs on it and be fine but i really like this new one.

I wanted to put a hutch on it with the stereo. The stainless steel top is awesome i clean turbos and assemble/disasemble 6.4 turbos on. Its stouter than the snap on boxes by far. No plastic lock tabs, has detents in it so the drawers can pull out easy or feel like theyre locked.
They only come in black and green but i hated the way they look with black and green. i made the mac guy pull strings galore to get me chrome trim or else the deal was off.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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