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Injector issues moving around?!?!

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I recently posted about an issue I'm having with my '06 F250. The original post was a little long in the tooth as I wanted to outline the entire scenario.

The truck sat for a few months while I was out of town on a job and when I went to tow some equipment, it died on the highway. I got it started after replacing the fuel filters, but it's been running REALLY rough since.

I had a code p0275 #5 cylinder contribution/balance so I was assuming the fuel starvation took out the injector. I did an oil change with T6 5W40 and added some Diesel Kleen. It ran some better, but still pretty rough at idle and not full power on the highway.

Yesterday I drove the truck (not towing) and it was markedly worse. It was a bit colder, but we're talking mid-60s as I'm in Florida. After clearing the codes I still had the p0275 on the way out. On the way home I cleared the codes again and ended up with p0263 #1 cylinder contribution/balance and the #5 was gone! Saturday, the PID showed 18 misfires on #5 , 0 on all the others; yesterday there were none logged.

My FICM is 48.5-49. My oil and fuel filters are all Motorcraft (learned that one the hard way). Fresh filters and synthetic oil.

I really need to tow my skid-steer about 150 miles to a jobsite. I'm really not in a position to start randomly throwing parts at this thing right now. I'll have a little more wiggle-room once I get the equipment moved; kind of a cart and horse situation...
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the archoil might take a week or so to clear things up, but sounds like an injector issue with number 5
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