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I have a 1999 Ford F250 7.3 with a 2 tank goldenfuelsystems setup. I have been running WVO in my truck for over 2 years now and am having injector issues. About a year and a half ago I burned up all 8 of my injectors. The mechanic said it was most likely due to water in the fuel. I have a fuel water separator filter on the WVO side so I assumed I got some bad diesel. Anyway my truck stopped running due to injector problems again last week. The mechanic said at least 4 of them are bad and he thinks it is WVO related. I have heard that coking (though I am not 100 percent sure what coking is) can be the biggest problem with injectors and WVO. I am wondering what are the things I should be doing to prevent this issue, if I am to continue running my truck on WVO. Any suggestions?
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