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Ok im new at this so i hope i get it right
I have a early 04 f350 that needs injecters.
I planing on ordering them today from elite diesel
the truck is stock but for the gillet egr delete kit and k&n cold air intake

If you still have a stock exhaust, get you an aftermarket 4", or straight pipe your stock exhaust. Also, get yourself some gauges. You have to know what is going on with your engine before you can just start throwing power at it. You are on the right track though by getting rid of the EGR system.

I have a super chips programer and bully dog propane kit
but they are not on the truck yet this is a work truck.

If your truck is a work truck, I wouldn't do anything over a 155cc injector. 155's can be detuned a little to work with your stock turbo and still have suffeciant power. Also, get rid of the superchips and the propane kit. You will ruin your engine with that combination! Cylinder pressures are going to be so high that your heads will most deffinitly lift within the first week:hehe: Seriously though, get a custom tuned SCT from one of the vendors on this site. You will love the power you get from just a custom tune:woot:

So what i need to know is should i get the stage 1 or stage 2 injecters and if a get the stage 2 injecters will the truck drive ok on the street for now until i upgrade the turbo and fuel system.

I would upgrade the fuel system before you go and put bigger injectors in your truck. The stock fuel system will start cutting fuel from the stock injectors because it can't supply enough to them.

My answers are in RED!

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