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So my trans is shot. And I’ve got quotes for about $2500 for a rebuild. $3000-$4500 for a new trans. Etc etc.

Searching the ol web, I found a 1994 F-350 crew cab dually that had the 7.3 idi in it. With e4od. Truck is pretty straight just missing interior and the idi. Says it had 220k on trans. Guy wants $1500 for the whole truck and it’s basically in my backyard. So no long drive to tow it home.

Question I have is.....
Will the idi e4od be an easy install on my 97 7.3 powerstroke. I know I’ll have to replace some connectors and probably torque converter/flywheel/etc. But are the electronics there? Is the bolt pattern the same. How big of a pain in the *** will it be to swap an idi trans into my truck?

TIA and I will post some pics of the truck once he sends them to me in the morning!
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