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Ice cold coolant lines and reservoir

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OK I have a few issues on my 2008 with under 100000 miles

To start things off I live in central Saskatchewan Canada. (its cold here lol)

First: This is the second time it has happened to me where my truck has blown over half the coolant out of the reservoir in less than 80 miles. Everything under the hood on the left hand side just around the fuel cooler and that small reservoir covered in coolant. Cannot seem to see where its coming from or know what is causing it.

Second: Coolant related again, was coming home from the city about 60 mile trip so the truck was good and warm even though its deep freezer cold here, and noticed anti freeze on the ground which i found my first problem. So i started grabbing around and found the coolant lines and little reservoir above the valve cover on the left hand side to be ice cold, also I'm not sure what it is but it looks like its part of the intake system and two hoses from it come from the little reservoir and it to was ice cold to the touch.

Main cooling system temp is normal

If you guys could give me a hand that would be great, Thanks
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