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I need help my first 6.0

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I have a 2003 f350 4x4 6.0 Powerstroke just bought don’t know much about it if i don’t let the temp gauge hit halfway it’ll barely get over 20mph it shakes and feels like there is no power doesn’t matter how hard I hit the gas pedal over 50mph It shakes and bucks like crazy no smoke no check engine light nothing to work from please help if it’s cold and I press on the gas hard enough I get a cloud of white blue smoke no overheating and it idles great
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You need a pressure gauge on the degas bottle to diagnose for head gasket issues. In these engines, a leaking head gasket does not put coolant in the oil, they put combustion gas into the coolant.

The combustion gas can do bad things to Ford Gold coolant.
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Blowing coolant out of the degas bottle (over pressure from the combustion gas)
Excessive coolant and oil temperatures
Potentially low power, not all that common 0 not at first anyway.

To me, what you describe sounds like an injector problem.

You need ForScan or ForsScan Lite and scan for codes.
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