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my first problem is an engine stalling problem

2000 f550 7.3l

when i coast in gear and then brake my truck rpm's drop and sometimes stall. when i go right to braking, the rpm's stay normal.

would this be a pcm issue? fuel pump?

koeo - no codes
koer - p0476 exhaust pressure control valve
contribution test - #3 p0269 + #8 p0284 cylinder balance fault
injector buzz test - no faults

rpm - 660
baro - 29
exhbp - 14psi
eot - 178f
fuelpw - 2.85ms
iat - 2.59v
icp - .8v
injcontprs - 485psi
injprs - 7%
map - 14psi
mfdes - 9mg
sccs - 6.84v
vfdes - 11^3

here are the specs on the truck as it is idling. all were pulled with a solus pro.

my second problem is a 99 f450 7.3l that doesn't want to start unless plugged in, even in the summer.

when started cold, it spits and sputters for about 30 seconds and then runs rough until warm. once it is warm it runs great. i haven't pulled any info yet from the pcm, when i do i will post them

thanks for all your help.
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