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I Hate Being This Guy

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Hello fellow 'strokers, I'm having technical difficulties with my '95 F350.

One week ago, I replaced my fuel bowl (and everything attached to it) when I went to change my fuel filter. There was silver goop at the bottom of it and the heating element had come loose ...there was no way I was putting that back in my truck. She started right up and I let her run for 30 minutes just to be sure she was okay. I went for an hour long test drive in which my truck drove like a dream. When I got home, I let her cool down for 10 minutes or so before I shut her down.
I planned on driving her to work the next morning I started her up and proceeded to begin to drive to work.
Not 30 seconds into my journey, she started sputtering and loosing power ...I took her out of gear and let her sit for a moment ...she was clearly not running right. I limped slowly back home where she just died on me.
Here's where the fun begins.
I checked over all of my work and all was fine.
I replaced my CPS. No difference.
I noticed that nothing was coming out of my tail pipe as she cranked over I checked my maxi fuses. All were okay.
I removed & examined my IDM ...I found minor rust & corrosion on it so I replaced it. No difference.
I am going to replace the Glowplug Relay next ....does anyone have any ideas as far as what my problem may be?
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Its a 1995 F350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel 4X4 Manual Transmission XLT Long Bed Crew Cab
I think I'd start by re-rechecking my work. Is there fuel in the bowl? Will fuel spray from the shrader valve while cranking? Are any of the rubber lines kinked, leaking, deteriorated? Did the steel supply line get kinked? Fuel in the valley? Drain valve closed?
I would be most efficient to pull codes if possible to pinpoint the problem without continuing to throw money at it. Is the oil level up to par and in good shape? ame with the oil level in the hpop reservoir, the injectors wont fire if it is low. Good luck, keep us posted.
Dmullenax--Yeah, I'm gonna go over everything once again. I haven't checked the shrader valve ...looks like that will be tomorrow's task. Also--the metal fuel lines DID move when I was changing out the fuel bowl, but they can't be kinked because I was able to test drive it like I did. Its worth checking though ...thanks for the input!!
95dieselsmoke--I'll check the hpop oil level tomorrow as well, oil & filter were just changed. I'd like to have my buddy break out his scanner and pull codes ...I think I'll try to hunt him down this weekend. I'm definitely tired of replacing parts that don't do the trick. I tried starting her again and she just cranks & cranks smoke comes out the tail pipe and I held my hand up to it & felt no pressure either. I hope the glowplug relay is the issue. Thanks to you as well for the input!! I'll keep ya'll posted, have a good weekend!!
Okay, so here's the much anticipated UPDATE ...after reading said update one should easily be able to see why one of my nicknames was/is/always will be "Retardo".

The short of the long is that my HPOP was empty and my 7.3 fire up for that reason.

When I swapped fuel bowls I also changed the oil my driveway ...which is not on level ground. I'm assuming that since my attention was focused on the fuel bowl I overlooked the fact that the reading on the dipstick was inaccurate because of being parked on the hill ...thus I was able to start it up and test drive it BUT upon returning home there wasn't enough oil in the engine to circulate through to the HPOP ...which explains why it ran briefly & dies on me the next day.

I poured about 2-3 cups of oil into the HPOP and she started up on the 4th try. Runs like a dream ...again.

So, Retardo = 0 ...1995 F350 = 1 ...but at least she's running!!!

A sincere THANK YOU for helping me out with my "issues" and feel free to ask me for help if ever you run out of other options lol.

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good to hear but on another note

:ORG welcome:
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