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So I have a coolant leak out of my OEM radiator, planning to do a full coolant flush soon anyway per Gooch's instructions. I was snooping around for another radiator or maybe an upgrade when I came across this eBay listing. Has anyone ever heard of ASI Performance, they are based out of Chino, California but originate in China. Is this just another cheap a** Chinese scam? I mean this price dropped to $260 last week, they have been selling this specific radiator since December '21 and it's a 3-row all-aluminum. Someone please tell me not to waste my money. I am open to suggestions and recommendations as to what I should get. I don't know if you can see what I drive, but it is a 2000 Excursion Limited 7.3L V8 2x4 w/ 220k. I just drive it to and from work/school so I'm not looking for anything crazy, and I would prefer to not get an OEM replacement. Shoot me some links if you have them and let me know what y'all think.

I really appreciate it everyone

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Mishimoto makes an "affordable" option as well. I personally have it for two years now and no issues. Same core their aluminums are made of but with a plastic shell like oem. Also backed with their lifetime warranty.

Mishimoto R2171-AT Replacement Radiator
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